Payment and Delivery


1. We will deliver for free, even if you see the shipping cost on the checkout page.

2. It's important to specify the address correctly. If you have a long address, try to shorten it. Be sure to separate it with commas.

3. Delivery is available globally, but only via standard shipping. No overnight or priority shipping is possible.

4. Delivery may take 15+ days from the time of order, depending on destination and order contents.

5. Note that some items may have restrictions on shipping and may not be available for shipment to particular countries.

6. Multiple products in one order will likely be shipped separately from different providers.


1. Payment will not be required. Percona will pay for all orders.

2. You must be sure to use the promo code

3. Percona will NOT pay your country's taxes or additional fees of your country if they are required upon arrival at your address. You are in charge of paying them by yourself.

4. Orders without promo codes will not be accepted.